Interactive Visualization for Serious Games – Investigation Project Scholarship

Car Configurator tries to explore the possibility of creating an application developed in Unity that integrates both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This is a project did for the Institute of new imaging technologies of the Jaume I University in Spain as part of an Investigation Project Scholarship.

In addition, as part of the project, I tried to create an advergaming mobile application to advertise a brand of cars. The application in question is a car configurator with three main scenes: in the first one you are able to select different parameters of the car in question, in the second one the application has a situation in VR and the last one is an augmented reality scene in which, scanning a marker, we can drive our car and also play a small game.

To carry out the project, I used the Unity game engine (the first part of the project was done with version 5.5 and then go on to version 5.6 by the demand of the project director).

In addition to the game engine itself, both the VR scene and the AR scene need their own libraries to work. In the first case, I have used the SDK provided by Google (in Unity 5.5) and the SDK integrated into the version of Unity 5.6 itself. Second, for the AR scene, I have used the Vuforia library through the integration library they offer with Unity.