Lemon Blade

This is the story of a ninja lemon called San, repudiated by his clan, the Makedonia, who does not recognizes him like a fruit. Now, cursed by the ancestors of the family, he has to survive in the world of the frutiespirit every midnight, when the ghosts of his clan appear and come to haunt him.

The game is developed in a Japanese temple with different areas, in which the floor and the furniture are in all directions. The player can change the gravitational attraction direction selecting any platform or surface that choose, allowing you to travel through the air and increment the strategic possibilities. San will have his reliable katana and their ninja abilities to try to resist all that he can.

The game was developed in companion of Rebeca Varea (art and modeling) and Jose María Pizana (programming) in Unity in over 3 months. My job in this game consisted mainly in the pathfinding implementation and general game programming as win conditions, life system, level design and level building in the engine, etc.

LemonBlade is especially interesting in the technical part since due two of the characteristics of the game. First of all, the lack of functionality of the Unity’s navigation obliged us to code our own 3D system that allowed us to develop our idea. The game has a volumetric system who divide the space into sections, allowing us to apply A* with enemies that are able to move in a three-dimensional way.

Apart from this, and as the main game mechanic, LemoBlade gives to the player a special way of moving in the level. You will be able to move on every platform or surface that you choose giving to the player a real 3D movement.

To conclude I leave you the itch.io page of the game (where you have the option to download it and test it) and a brief gameplay, enjoy it!