Categoría: Programming

  • Octree implementation

    In this page, I’m going to expose the work done and the results acquired trying to implement a space partitioning system to optimize intersections in a tridimensional space. This project have been done in less than 8 weeks for the class «Engine Algorithms» that I have coursed in my exchange to Saxion Univeristy during 2018. […]

  • Interactive Visualization for Serious Games – Investigation Project Scholarship

    Car Configurator tries to explore the possibility of creating an application developed in Unity that integrates both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This is a project did for the Institute of new imaging technologies of the Jaume I University in Spain as part of an Investigation Project Scholarship. In addition, as part of the […]

  • Heightfield Fluids – WebGL

    In my class of «Characters and Animation», we learn about the fluid simulation called: Heightfield Fluids. I was really interested in this so I decided to code a really simple project to implement the algorithm and see it working. This is a really personal project that I did for curiosity in less than a week […]

  • Low Poly Planet – WebGL

    I love graphics programming. That’s a fact. At the end of our Computer Graphics class, we had to do a simple project in WebGL. I codded a low poly planet. This planet has a day/night cycle implemented with a movable light, animated textures in the water of the river and a skybox to simulate the […]