Singularity is a King of the Hill game. Played with two players using gamepad controllers. Players try to reach a critical mass, to explode and kill themselves, by controlling a center point. The objective is to suppress your opponent long enough to reach critical mass.

This game has been done with PyGame for the Shawnee State University’s GameJam in September of 2017.  Was coded with Dalton Fox in about 48 hours. In a game-jam, the work could be a little bit diffuse but I work especially in the inputs and the movement.

It had a really good reception in the presentation after the end of the game-jam and we decided to start a new version.  The game has been selected as the second best game in in 2018 at the Oculus Festival, an universitary multimedia contest organized by the Jaume I University

Here you have the gameplay that we recorded at the end of the weekend: